Our 2019 Emmy-Nomination Predictions

Given the vastness of the TV landscape, it’s harder than ever to forecast what’s going to be nominated for this year’s Emmys. It’s even challenging to gauge how many nominees there could be if they’re announced on July 16.
Important classes like Outstanding Drama or Comedy, for instance, typically include seven nominated applications. But due to what’s known as the 2 percent rule, there could be eight or nine: The way it works is that when an eighth or ninth show comes within 2% of exactly the identical amount of votes because the seventh nominee, those extra a couple of shows have to be nominated as well. The total is capped at nine, however. (If you’d like to read more about Emmy rules such as these and give yourself a spectacular headache, rock on.)
To put it differently, predicting, always a murky endeavor below the best of situation, feels particularly murky when it comes to the Emmys. What follows are essentially shots from the dark, is exactly what I am saying. So let’s cut the lights and begin shooting some 2019 Emmy predictions to the emptiness, shall we?

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